Robert S. Beale, Jr., M.D.

Robert S. Beale, Jr., M.D.

Lisa M. Beale

Lisa M. Beale


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? Are You Eating Healthy, But CANNOT Reach Your Goal ?

? Are You Exercising But NOT Losing Weight ?

? Have You Reached A Plateau And CANNOT Break Through ?

? Have You Given Up On Trying To Reach A Healthy Weight ?


Obesity has unfortunately reached epidemic proportions among Black women, frequently causing debilitating health problems and early death. Too many Black women, despite the glut of diet “solutions” on the market today, have not been able to successfully lose weight.

The most popular diets, products, systems and plans were not designed by Black weight loss physicians with Black women in mind. They do not take into account the specific physiology, psychology, sociology and spirituality that apply to many Black women.


Robert S. Beale Jr., M.D.,

A licensed physician who as a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (ASBP), has received special training in bariatric medicine - the medical treatment of overweight and obesity and its associated conditions.

 has been

treating overweight and obese patients in Washington, D.C. since 1974, forming the largest weight reduction practice run exclusively by African Americans.  He has personally treated more Black women with weight issues than any other physician in the world – over 25,000 patients. His system has long been touted by word of mouth in the Washington, D.C. Black community as “the” way to lose weight.

Lisa M. Beale is Dr. Beale's older daughter and has been a weight reduction counselor at her father's practice since 2001.

Until now, Dr. Beale’s methods and treatment philosophies have only been available to those in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Dr. Beale now offers all Black women who suffer with obesity and who struggle to reach a healthy weight
a realistic solution for permanent weight loss success.

!! Your Weight Is NOT Your Fault !!

Genetics loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger.

Weight is like hair - you are born with a certain type.

However, the type of hair you have determines the salon you go in.  Many Black women have been going in the wrong "salon" and listening to the wrong "stylist" for their weight.

Obesity is killing Black women, so you must get below the obese weight range.  Your goal weight, though, is your own personal decision.  There is nothing wrong with having curves and a little meat on your bones, but there is also nothing wrong with wanting to be thin.

Lori's Story


"Thank you would never been enough

to say how I feel about Dr. Beale."

Karla's Story


"Dr. Beale has been

a godsend to me."

Lenora's Story

"I highly recommend this program to any woman who, like me, feels powerless in addressing the challenge of weight loss as a key part of living a healthy life."

A challenge with weight is not the result of laziness or poor “will-power”, but of genetics and bad information.

We wrote The Black Diet Doctor’s Solution for Black Women to clear up all of the myths and mistakes that Black women make when trying to lose weight.  Black women now have a resource, a healthy living reference book, that is written specifically for them.

- Dr. Beale

Permanent weight loss is a Two Step Process - first you must "Eat To Lose" and second you must "Eat To Maintain."

You will learn:

- Why eating healthy and exercising may not get you to a healthy weight.

- How to set milestones.

- How to manage hunger and cravings.

- How to overcome plateaus.

- How to deal with everyday life along your journey to a healthy weight.     

The Solution includes:

- Food lists

- Meal plans

- Recipes

- Exercise plans

- Strategies

- Maintenance plans

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The Black Diet Doctor's Solution For Black Women


For The Black Diet Doctor’s Solution For Black Women to become an integral part of the growing anti-obesity movement that will change the lives of Black women, allowing them to effectively lose weight and live longer and healthier lives. Black women finally have a specific strategy for working with their bodies and lives as Black women.

Dr. Beale and Lisa Beale are available to talk to your organization, community and congregation about stopping the epidemic of obesity in your area. Please Contact Us for details.

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The Black Diet Doctor’s Solution For Black Women

is the one book you need in order to take control of your weight.

Read it. Heed it. Plan ahead. Your health and life depend on it.

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